Why Berlin Is A Must-Visit City In Germany

The capital of Germany, Berlin, is a city which is a must-visit place for everyone. Berlin is the perfect combination of fascination and inner peace. It is a place where you will find creativity at every corner. Looking to explore some history, visit some of the best night clubs, or want inner peace, Berlin is a place for everyone. 

This city is considered as one of the most welcoming destinations for tourists. If you are looking forward to having a luxurious experience, well, you will find the best five-star hotels, spas, Michelin-starred dining places, and much more. 

Whether you have a lot of money to spend or are on a tight budget, visiting with friends, or with your family, Berlin is the city where you will have nothing but a good time. You do not have to wait for weekends to explore this city because the party never stops when you are in Berlin. 

If you are looking for one of the best time in Berlin, here are some places that you must visit:

  • Visit the East Side Gallery to experience an outdoor art gallery. The murals that are painted on what remains of the Berlin Wall is something that you must explore. If you want to get a little taste of the history behind it, you can get a tour, or explore the place for free. 
  • The TV tower, the Soviet symbol of power, is a must-visit if you want to get your hands on a cocktail bar and a beautiful view of the city.
  • Even if you are not a huge fan of history, the Museum Island’s Pergamon Museum is a must-visit place when in Berlin. You can find paintings, antiques, the reconstructed Ishtar Gate of Babylon, and discover the history at this museum. 
  • If you are an art lover, the national gallery of Berlin is a must-visit place for you. This place is filled with an incredible piece of artwork by Claude Monet, Paul Cézanne, and Édouard Manet. 
  • Spend your Sundays at MauerPark and wander through the famous flea market of Berlin. With a variety of stalls, street food, and karaoke, this park should be on your list.
  • Museum fürNaturkunde is a great place for kids. With different themed halls about dinosaurs and evolution, the Natural History Museum will take you on a historical ride. 
  • If you want to taste the best Thai food in Berlin, Kin Dee should be on your list. With a simple interior and pleasant ambiance, this 2019 Michelin star restaurant offers a delicious and mouthwatering menu that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

 When you visit Berlin, you do not have to wait for the nightlife to have all the fun. There are so many places and historical spots to visit in Berlin that you would not get bored. The best thing about this city is that it is for everyone. No matter what your interests are, this place can be whatever you want it to be.