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Without traveling in Berlin, there is no travel to Germany that can be complete. The touchiest city that I have ever travelled to, with perhaps the best nightlife in Berlin. There is plenty of variety in the food scene in addition to continuous evolution. One of those that you should check out is the Turkish, Vietnamese, vegetarian and the hamburger scene. Berliners pride themselves of the fact that nothing is traditional in Berlin.


There is some type of Great Park in every neighborhood, which is usually augmented with a beer garden. Mauerparkin Prenzlauer Berg is my favorite park, thanks to its famous Sunday Flea Market. The Central Park of Berlin is located in Tiergarten near the Brandenberg Gate. If you are interested in a bike ride, jog or picnic, then traveling to the Central Park of Berlin is what you cannot afford to miss. Another quiet area to take have a walk around on and a picnic to is the Viktoria Park in Kreuzberg, it is such a great area. In Neukolln, there is an old airport turned into a park named Tempelhof. There are wide ranges of spaces for land sailing, running, biking and kite surfing which can be done on the runways of the old airport.

Museums and historical sites

In Berlin, there are several museums and historical sites that can be seen visiting all of them would take you months. Therefore picking a few within your topic of interest can help save money and time. There are indeed unique historical places, for instance, the Cold war, the Third Reich and modern art among others. The Mitte district hosts most of Berlin’s museums. The Jewish Museum is my personal favourite historical museum, it is located in Kreuzberg. You will have a lot to learn from there because it is incredibly well put together in addition to being incredibly sad.

The variety of cuisines reflects the acceptance and multiculturalism of Berlin. The largest Turkish population outside Turkey is found in Kreuzberg, therefore, in this place, there are a lot of great Turkish restaurants here, including budding vegetarian scene like Café V.


Traveling to Berlin is incomplete without checking out its everlasting nightlife. There is at least one club open for 24 hours in every day of the week, therefore the possibility of partying forever is guaranteed. Most of the clubs are built in multi-roomed warehouses where some are outside in the open air by the riverside. To stay knowing where each party is that night, locals used Resident advisor.

Dressing casually is what I would recommend for clubbing in Berlin. Black jean with a black Nike’s sneakers would be the perfect outfit. The bouncers don’t like drunken tourists and speaking English in line should be avoided, therefore, getting into several clubs without a German native can be difficult. There is probably another great club in case you fail to get in.

Mitte hosts plenty of rooms to choose from, however, Wombat City Hostel would be one of the best to look out to. The rooms are clean in addition to being spacious. These hostels in a central location and the rooms have got a happy and a rooftop bar.

Although, traveling to Germany can be an exciting task, planning about it can be a bit an overwhelming task. The medieval castles, including many other historical places, can be difficult to choose. Thanks to Security Camera Installation Tampa FL for this great article!

Wondering around Germany;

When you think of Germany, the first couple of things that pop into your mind are probably Oktoberfest and World War 2. We can’t blame you since those things are pretty much what the majority of people associate Germany to, but also you can’t forget that this country has incredible landscapes, offers you a chance to party like nowhere else in the world, and brings you closer to breathtaking historic sites and monuments. Long story short, Germany is truly exquisite and a fun country overall, so in that spirit, here’s a list of things to do, and places to visit in Germany.


Considering that Leipzig is the largest city of Saxony, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this town is famous for its incredible arts and culture scene that has practically been shaped by renowned composers such as Bach and Wagner. This is why, if you’re a tourist who appreciates such legends, you absolutely need to visit St. Thomas church, in which you can enjoy some of Bach’s most incredible compositions. But, if you’re leaning more to the architecture compared to music, don’t worry, Leipzig is full of monumental buildings such as Napoleonic Monument and Old Town Hall.

Rugen Island

Switching from land to the water, we have Rugen Island, the biggest island in all of Germany. If you already haven’t fallen in love with this island just imagining it, we need to mention that there are also gorgeous villas, seaside resorts that are perfect for couples, and beautiful beaches that are basically tourist magnets. Still, when it comes to Rugen island, none of these things are the main attraction, that honor goes to Jasmund National Park, which is famous for its one of a kind chalk cliffs rise up to almost 530 feet over the sea.


We know that we said in the introduction of this article that Oktoberfest is a bit of a cliche thing, but hey, we just couldn’t resist. It doesn’t matter if you like beer at all, Oktoberfest is simply a breathtaking display of German culture that you simply have to experience to truly appreciate it. That’s why, if you’re ever in Germany, make sure that you pay Oktoberfest a visit, we guarantee you that you won’t regret it.

BMW Museum

If you’re a fan of automotive sports, cars in general or you just appreciate incredible engineering, visiting BMW museum is something you simply have to do. In this museum, you will find a jaw-dropping collection of cars and bikes that will simply take your breath away as soon as you lay your eyes on the. We can talk about the number of cars that are currently sitting there, we can talk about how gorgeous they are, but this is something that honestly can’t be described. That’s why we highly recommend you to visit this place on your own and prepare to be amazed.

Brandenburg Gate

Last but certainly not least, we have Brandenburg Gate, an incredibly famous landmark and one of the most popular monuments in the whole of Europe. This historic site was used as a dividing border during the dark times in the horrible event that is the cold war, which basically tore the city apart. Luckily, when the wall was finally “destroyed” 30 years ago, this building became a symbol of hope, not just for Germans, but for all the people in the world. All of this is a perfect reason for you to visit this amazing historic site, and soak all the history behind it in.

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